As a primary care physician in Safety Harbor, FL it is Dr. Jackson’s goal to examine and evaluate the body as a whole, treat or prevent further disease progression and serve other health needs as they arise in between.

Why Primary Care?

Drastic changes to our healthcare system have transpired over the last 5 to 10 years. It used to be that a primary care doctor would diagnose and treat most conditions, and only refer those cases that were very complex or severe. Primary care doctors even used to deliver non-complicated pregnancies! As the system has moved to more and more specialization, we have lost knowledge in identifying and treating the body as a whole. We see one doctor for our allergies and another for our high blood sugars and yet another for our digestive complaints. With these changes, many chronic diseases are left untreated and primary care has become about symptom management, not diagnosis and prevention.

Primary care looks like treating the common cold while managing the same patient’s diabetes and heart disease. It looks like helping a patient recover from an injury from a fall while long-term working on their balance, dizziness and headaches. Primary care is helping a young woman balance hormones to help with fertility or working to heal the body to minimize needed medications. Primary care is here for all ages and all stages of health. We are here to address whole body health to optimize physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.


What to Expect as a New Patient

As a new patient at our office, we start with a 30 minute consultation to discuss a thorough health history and to outline specific health goals or concerns. At this time we will order any further testing that is warranted. We offer a variety of testing based on a patient’s needs from routine bloodwork to comprehensive stool testing to toxic metal tests. Following the consultation, a full physical examination will be performed including eyes, ears, throat, thyroid, heart, lung and abdomen. Once all of the necessary information from the testing and examination are obtained, an initial report of findings is scheduled to thoroughly review your case and outline a specific plan of action for your health. 

It is our goal as your holistic primary care provider to identify and treat the true cause of any disease process and help to heal your body to optimal health!

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