Irritable bowl syndrome diagnosis and treatment 

Irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel disease are terms that the traditional medical community has used to label inflammation and irritation of the digestive tract when they cannot identify the cause. Thankfully, research continues to advance, and while most gastroenterologists may have never heard of a comprehensive stool analysis, these specialized tests do exist! It is as simple as a stool sample but looks at tremendously more than just if there is blood in the stool. In many ways it supplies even more diagnostic information than a colonoscopy! While it is true that diet and nutrition play a large role in our digestive health, many of these cases are much more complicated than just eating the “right” foods. The comprehensive stool test can help pinpoint true causes of the disease processes occurring in the digestive tract. For example, research continues to show us literally billions of bacteria that should be found in a healthy digestive system, known as our “normal bacterial flora”. These helpful bacteria are warriors for our immune system and even help supply us with the nutrients that we need. Without them, we are susceptible to almost any disease process, from allergies to chronic, recurring infections. The comprehensive stool testing actually measures these bacteria so we can know if the healthy bacterial flora is strong. Even more, it also measures for a wide range of invaders who should never be present in a healthy digestive system – from bacteria to viruses, parasites and worms. Some of these bad invaders are even linked to the development of certain autoimmune diseases, like Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is imperative to remove these organisms as they put us at high risk for further disease progression. Lastly, the stool test covers an “intestinal health panel”. This panel measures a variety of health markers such as proper protein and fat digestion, inflammation within the digestive tract, detoxification pathways, and reaction to foods like gluten. Any person that is suffering from the label of irritable bowel syndrome/disease should be aware of comprehensive stool testing as it very well could be the gateway to healing the digestive tract! For more information on digestive concerns, be sure to also read more under the “Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis” section and give us a call to schedule a consultation today!

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