Neurofeedback and brain training can help with a wide range of conditions from ADHD, anxiety & depression, insomnia, PTSD/stress, OCD, and autism to name a few.

What is Brain Mapping?

Brain mapping is state-of-the-art technology that records the electrical signals of pathways in the brain. Most people are familiar with how a cardiologist may order an EKG to see the electrical signals of the heart. In a similar method, we can measure how well the brain is functioning by measuring electrical signals through different areas of the brain. Once we have this information, we can then use a powerful process known as neurofeedback that trains the brainwaves back into healthy patterns.

This is cutting-edge technology as it is non-invasive and drug free. Yet, an individualized picture of the brain can help us know exactly where symptoms are coming from as well as the best way to treat them!

What to Expect

Sessions last 30 minutes and involve watching a movie or listening to music while wearing specific colors of glasses. The glasses use light to stimulate the brain and further enhance the treatment. Over 30 years of research supports the long-lasting effects of neurofeedback! More information about this therapy can also be found at Clear Mind Center. If you are interested in how we can use Brain Mapping and neurofeedback to help you, give our office a call today!

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