While there are many differing approaches to chiropractic care, we use a very diversified approach in the clinic.

We will use manual adjustments to the spine or extremities as necessary, but we also have low-impact equipment in the office for patients who need or prefer less intensity. One of those is the Impulse iQ which delivers a very controlled force into a specific area. It also has technology that gives feedback to the doctor to know how well the area is responding to treatment. We also use many soft tissues techniques to relax the musculature or appropriately treat the underlying cause of symptoms as part of treatment.

Traditional chiropractic focuses on muscle, joint and bone conditions as well as disorders of the nervous system from a holistic and natural perspective.

Doctors of Chiropractic are well trained primary care physicians in physical examination, diagnostics, treatment and referral.  It’s important to continue to have physicians that are not solely specialized, but look at the body as one functioning unit. One example of why this is important is the nervous system. Someone who is experiencing low back pain is likely going to see an effect on their digestive system because those same nerves that supply the low back also branch forward to supply the digestive tract. This is why adjustments to the lower back or pelvis may improve a woman’s symptoms of PMS or why adjustments to the neck can help with thyroid function. 

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