Asthma and Allergies Diagnosis and Treatment 

Many of us have had reactions to foods or things in our environment and likely have been to a medical doctor for an allergy skin test. What most do not realize is that these are IgE type allergies. We recognize these allergies as the child whose lips and throat swell from eating peanuts or a bee sting causes a massive breakout of hives. However, IgE allergies are actually only one of several types of allergic reactions. Allergies and asthma clue us in to an immune system response and as a result, many triggers to our immune system should be investigated. Some of these include infections, “leaky gut” or gut dysbiosis, and mold toxicity. For example, chronic antibiotic use, commonly seen in asthma patients, will completely destroy the healthy gut flora as well as cause direct damage to the intestinal lining. When the integrity of the digestive tract lining is compromised, small particles of food or environmental allergens can slip through the digestive lining into the bloodstream. As a result, the immune system recognizes something that should not be there and develops immune cells, called antibodies, against the invader. In turn, anytime we come into contact again with the invader, an inflammatory response occurs. IgG allergies are one type of this reaction. Some of these IgG responses can look like asthma, while for others they may be skin issues or even autoimmune conditions. It is important when managing allergies and asthma to consider the immune system as the big picture! Many triggers to the immune system must be investigated, not just IgE allergies!

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