As a holistic practitioner with postdoctoral training in primary care, we specialize in finding the true cause of disease and chronic disease treatment and management.

According to the CDC, six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease!

This is such a sad state when we are ranked the highest of 11 comparable countries on healthcare spending, yet the worst in disease and healthcare system management. When it comes to chronic disease, many are seeking answers, and rightfully so! Because without our health, we don’t have much.

Every chronic disease process can foundationally be attributed to inflammation (see more information about this under our “Inflammation” section). However, triggers for inflammatory processes can be different for every person. It is our goal to identify those triggers ranging from chronic, underlying infections to digestive imbalances to toxicities like mold or heavy metals, and eliminate those risk factors in order to prevent, and sometimes even reverse, disease progression. Without identifying these true causes, chronic disease treatment just becomes more about symptom management. Allowing us to investigate for causes liberates us to eliminate symptoms and work to prevent them from returning. Ultimately, it is our goal to bring the body back to optimal function, supporting quality and longevity of life!

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